Reshape your perception of technology and business in the company of the UpHonest Scout team.

Beta Academy Series

9 in-house selected webinars to help new Scouts get into the game quickly 

Monthly Insights

Learn a latest industry trend behind closed doors with all Chinese and American colleagues of the fund each month 

Observe UC Weekly Meeting

Sit in on the weekly meetings of the American team to understand the internal investment process of the fund 

Scouts & Friends

Invite successful investors and entrepreneurs to share their insights


Ask me Anything: invite fund colleagues to answer any questions you may have 

Tech Talk

Initiated by Scouts to brief on industry-leading technology and trends

Case Presentation

Organize group research on real startup cases and give investment advice 

Partner Events

Be invited to flagship events of the partner community

First Meeting

Participate in the first meeting between the fund team and the startup team to learn from real cases 

Scout Bonding

No Learning and Just Fun! Come and have fun with us.

UpHonest Scout Angels

Participate in the private angel community and join SPV to invest in your favorite projects

Whether you are new to venture capital or an angel investing enthusiast, the UpHonest Capital team will be here for you.