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Software Engineer @ Google

Scout from 1st Batch

"Compared with campus ambassadors or interns, Scouts are more deeply involved in the fund. A Scout can bring a project to the fund, and participate in discussion and provide input from start to finish. The fund also encourages a Scout to develop skills as an investor by communicating with the project owner independently. I didn't really know how to communicate on a project at first. I just simply brought a project to the fund, and then learned by sitting in on meetings between the fund and the project owner. After a period of time, KJ encouraged me to do my own research on a project from an investor's perspective, so I started to communicate with the project owner by myself and then discuss based on the feedback with my fund colleagues. On some occasions, I even had meetings with the project owner on my own, while my fund colleagues sat in on the meetings and then gave me some advice to help me grow better. "

Senior Software Engineer @ Coupang

Scout from 1st Batch

"Thanks to Uphonest for giving me the opportunity to join the Scout Program, so that I can successfully break the barrier and start getting involved in the VC circle. In the program, we can study a project, ask questions, make analysis, meet with the founding team to learn about the project planning and outlook, conduct review, and decide on the investment amount. All these are exactly the work of an investor in the real world. Also, through my direct involvement in the Scout Program, I have learned a lot about VC and the different perspectives on startups and startup teams from the point view of VC, which has given me a new perception of early-stage VC. In the Scout team, I have also met many excellent Scouts and investors, and gained a lot of valuable experience and insights. This will contribute greatly to my future career as an investor or entrepreneur. "

Venture Partner @ Beta Fund

Scout from 2nd Batch

"As the first deal lead, I had the opportunity to participate in and lead my first investment project, State Cashmere. From deck review, SPV establishment to working with lawyers and accountants, and to post-investment follow-up and feedback, all of these were very valuable practical experience for me. Such an opportunity is very precious and most welcome. I have personally benefited a lot by gaining a deep understanding of fund management and operations and having direct access to the investor role in the process. "

Working Group Lead @ Element

Scout from 1st Batch 

"In the Bay Area, most people work on technology in big companies, and their investment is all about stocks and real estate. But there can be another story. For example, in the Scout Program, there are quite a lot of members engaged in startups, and there are also opportunities to learn about and get involved in VC. In your job, you get a promotion; in the Scout Program, you gain a big picture of the industry. By day, you work for your company; by night, you are a fund representative. Sometimes it's hard to tell which is your disguise and which is the real you. "

Whether you are new to venture capital or an angel investing enthusiast, the UpHonest Capital team will be here for you.