USP expects to run three recruitment cycles per year, in March and August. Click "Apply Now" for more information

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How can USP help you?
  • Reshape your perception of technology and business in the company of the UpHonest Scout team, and help you develop innovative investment and management thinking through practical investment drills
  • Identify highly potential startups with a group of like-minded young people
  • Join the UpHonest Capital family and become an honorable UpHonest Scout
What applicants are USP looking for?
  • At any position in a large technology company, with at least three years on board; having sufficient knowledge of the company's environment and networking circle
  • MBA from a well-known university, with experience in leading a VC community on campus
  • Live in a large tech startup hub such as Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Boston and New York
  • Be passionate about VC, ready to learn about new industries, and willing to listen to the problems of startup teams
  • A future angel investor with a desire to participate in real investment
  • Stay young, motivated and curious
Why did the fund set up the Scout Program? 
- Community: to build an in-depth VC learning community

- Tech Support: to learn the latest tech/industry knowledge from Scouts in different fields 

- Deal Sourcing: to explore Scouts' social network and identify very-early-stage startup projects 

- Ambassador: to deliver UpHonest Capital's corporate culture, Humble and Hospitality 

- Future Investor Star: to help more North American Chinese who are interested in VC to become independent investors soon 
How much time will I spend each week in the Scout Program? 
Each Scout can decide how much time he or she wants to spend on the program. Statistically, each Scout spends an average of 2 hours per week participating in the internal activities of the Scout Program. Please keep in mind that learning to invest is a process of accumulating experience over time. If you want to grow faster, please make learning to invest a hobby and become more actively involved in USP activities. 
What fees are involved?
There are no fees of any kind involved in the USP Program. Moreover, if a project you recommend/invest in goes well, you will receive a substantial investment dividend. 
Next recruitment?
UPS expects to run two recruitment cycles per year, in March and August.
Click Apply Now for more information
How to Apply?
Please contact KJ, the project leader, who will invite you to join the [Recruitment Information Group]. We will post the latest recruitment notices and links in the group. 
What is the next step after I submit my application? 
The UpHonest team will carefully review each applicant's information, and after an initial screening process, the UpHonest team will invite you for an interview. 
What is the format and content of the interview?
The interview will be conducted online/offline. The main purpose of the interview is to learn about the applicant's work background and original intention of engagement in VC. There will be no Q&A about investment expertise during the interview. 
What is the recruitment cycle for the program?
UPS expects to run two recruitment cycles per year, in March and August. As a steadily expanding, harmonious and fun VC learning organization, we don't pursue fast growth simply, but expect our group members to build a close relationship and learn about VC in a progressive manner.
Why have I never seen any publicity for USP? 
USP is an internal community under the fund, and since its inception, we have grown only through word of mouth. We believe that the right people will find the right organization at the right time.
Is investment experience a prerequisite for a Scout?
No. The UpHonest team will be with you all the way, from the initial project screening to the final deal. As an investor and an entrepreneur, UpHonest is well aware of the need for trial and error. We also believe that every Scout's efforts will pay off. You will soon be able to identify reliable, hardworking and ambitious Chinese entrepreneurs by yourself. 
What kind of companies should I invest in?
This is a very complex question. The UpHonest team will train you thoroughly from the first day you join the team. You will soon be able to answer this question for yourself. 
Are there real investment opportunities for Scouts? 
USP has its own internal angel group - UpHonest Scout Angels. We will follow the star projects that have been invested by the fund in a targeted manner, giving Scouts opportunities to make real investments and grow personal portfolios. 
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Whether you are new to venture capital or an angel investing enthusiast, the UpHonest Capital team will be here for you.